The energy of thoughts and words



We all know that thoughts and words are energy and can greatly impact our lives and the lives of those around us.  Lately my meditation has made me more aware of my choice of those thoughts and words and exactly what message I want to send out to the universe.  The recent march that took place all around the world is a wonderful example of how we can choose our words to impact change.  We can choose to keep ourselves in the fear “what if” state, or we can choose to enter a yes “what if” state.  I remember reading once that during the Vietnam War, Mother Theresa was asked to join a march to fight against the war.  Her answer was “NO”, she would gladly join a march for Peace, but would not fight against anything.


My sister introduced me to “TheKindnessRocksProject”, which can be found on Facebook and Instagram, that promotes writing inspirational messages or words and leaving them around for others to see and be inspired to do the same.  Painting these words and messages on rocks is the most common way to do this and I just love the idea that not only do the words carry energy, but so do the rocks, and when combined the messages feel more solid and more powerful.  I have begun painting my favorite words and phrases on rocks and keeping them in places where I can easily see them and be reminded of and inspired by the power of these words.  


Another idea might be to take a blank canvas and write or just scribble these powerful words all over it to imprint messages right onto the canvas and then simply paint a picture, or make a collage over the words so that only you are aware of the underlying importance of this artwork.  Keep it somewhere where you are reminded of these positive affirmations. 


What words or messages inspire you?



As the chi flows,