When our children were young, we began using unbreakable plastic plates and cups and even paper plates.  For some reason, we never got back to using the good plates and silverware and glasses.  As I was cleaning out cabinets and admiring the “good” china just sitting there waiting to be used, I thought, “what am I waiting for”?  Am I waiting for a celebration or party or special guests to drop by?  The days of formal dining are long gone in our household, but does that make us any less important?  With just my husband and me, is it really so hard to hand wash a “special “ plate and cup?  Using the crystal that was meant to be used makes everything, including water, taste better.  Taking baby steps, I have begun using my grandmother’s wonderful tea cups and desert plates of beautiful patterns and designs.  Cloth napkins are another “luxury” I am welcoming into my life.  Obviously more environmentally friendly, but also easy to use, wash and more colorful and fun.  By using the “good stuff”, I’m saying to myself, “you are important and deserving”.  And yes I am still using the everyday dishwasher safe dishes and cups, but I do enjoy treating myself at dinner and tea, and I have made it a habit to use the cloth napkins and crystal water glasses.


So, dust off your “special” plates and cups, use the fine crystal and those cloth napkins and treat yourself as that “special” person that you are.   



As the chi flows,