Heart Song

What makes your heart sing?  A smile? A shared laugh?  A hug?  Or perhaps just a kind word or gesture.  A simple thank you.  In one of my recent qigong classes we were discussing how qigong is more than just an exercise, but also a way of living.  Qi (chi) is everywhere and everything.  We are connected to this wonderful chi, or energy, all around us.  As we were talking about sharing our energy, someone mentioned how lovingly her dogs responded to her personal touch and how those animals in turn made her heart sing.  What a perfect way of expressing how we feel when we are in touch with our energy and the energy around us and allow our hearts to open in such a special way.  

In my next class at the Alzheimer's/Parkinson's Center, a wonderful woman with a beautiful smile shyly shared a Hawaiian song and hula with us before class and I thanked her for making my heart sing.  The whole class seemed to respond in the same way,

There are so many ways to make our hearts sing.  Smiling and making eye contact with all we meet and seeing the response is one way.   Watching and appreciating a sunrise or sunset is another way.  The love we share with family and friends makes our hearts sing.  Every thought, every breath we take can make our hearts sing, if we just let it.

As I reflect on my wonderful day, my heart is still singing.  What makes your heart sing?  And what can we all do to make someone else's heart sing?  Let all our hearts sing together as one.


As the chi flows,