Besides practicing my qigong at sunrise on the beach, drawing and walking a labyrinth is one of my favorite ways to start the day. 


Making a labyrinth on the beach and then mindfully walking it is a wonderful way to connect with the energy around me. Just the act of drawing the labyrinth in the sand is therapeutic and grounding. Feeling the sand beneath my feet and the back and forth motion of the pattern I am drawing balances and calms my mind. When the labyrinth is finished, I take a brief moment to enjoy the simple beauty of it and its connection to its surroundings, the beach, the ocean, etc. I then usually set an intention for my walk and start my journey to the center. Sometimes I walk with no intent in mind, just finding my way to the center.  Sometimes I move slowly repeating a mantra that comes to mind. Sometimes as I travel inward, my mind may wander and I bring it back to the breath and the flow of the walk. Once at the center, I pause and reflect, taking in the surroundings. I then head out of the circle. My mantra may change during the course of my walk.   Once finished, I may take the time to reflect and take in the beauty of the day. I then thank the beach for the gift of the labyrinth and I offer it to everyone who wishes to walk upon it after me and the ocean that will soon swallow it up. 


As the chi flows,